EXO introduces the T19 Plus Terminal

Sep 3, 2020Products

EXO T19 Plus terminal


EXO Technological Solutions presents the new EXO T19 Plus Terminal challenging innovation.

Continuing to look at extending the benefits obtained in a terminal that contemplates a range of tools, the EXO design team has worked on creating a team that is suitable for both administrative and industrial environments.


The T19 Plus terminal has become one of the most optimal and robust tools for HR management where the tools are used to manage personnel filing, printing receipts, scanning receipts and / or medical certificates, as well as in production lines and other spaces where equipment is required with components resistant to vandalism, remains of liquids / oils, blows, etc.


This terminal integrates a wide variety of components, allowing various functionalities for the self-management of an organization.


Among its main components are: motorized A4 two-face scanner, high capacity laser printer, anti-vandalism and anti-spill keyboard, mailboxes with filling sensors, electronic lock, customized graphics in 6 mm acrylic, IP phone, biometric reader, RFID reader, open door sensors and anti-vandalism touch monitor.

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EXO T19 Plus Multi-Purpose Multimedia Terminal