EXO Payment Terminal

The EXO Payment Terminal is a commercial administrative solution designed for payments and collections. Its purpose is to streamline, simplify and provide peace of mind with cash transactions.

The maintenance of the operating devices is carried out from the front of the equipment, while the cash box is accessed through a rear door (greater user privacy for cash withdrawal). It has a security lock, thick reinforced walls and anchorage to the main anti-vandalism cabinet.

The validator is approved for all denominations of banknotes from Argentina, USA and other countries (please consult us) and has a robust system that detects counterfeit banknotes.

Different validator solutions are optionally available, ranging from reading banknotes, storing them sorted by denomination and even giving change.

Safe with security lock and thick reinforced walls.
Vandal-proof touch screen from 19″.
Approved banknote reader for Pesos (ARS) and Dollars (USD).
Integrated Mini PC.
Reading of banknotes of different countries and value grouper
80 mm thermal printer.

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