EXO digital billboard.

Provide effective visual communication that maximizes the quality of service provided.

A solution that solves visual communication dynamics, strengthens, integrates and improves the way of spreading and advertising in a focused way, everything that interests your audience.

Quick design

Achieve real advertising pieces in a quick and simple way, covering strategic spaces and services.


Present, broadcast and create content, both vertically and horizontally by simply rotating the screen.

The EXO Digital Billboard Solution, along with the advantages of information immediacy, is highly required by all industry segments.

Corporate communication that guides, informs and announces with a clear and direct vision to human capital.

In gastronomic locations you can manage in real time promotional content and strongly improve the limitations of static backlighting.

In the retail industry, it manages to disseminate promotional guidelines, products with lower turnover and/or more profitable.

For entertainment it achieves its greatest potential by linking social networks, operating at specific times, offering events and attractions in high traffic areas.

The banks can inform at the right time, inviting and recommending with relevant news to the customer.

Global and social communication, segmented and articulated by monitoring

And much more! Start your migration to the digitalization of your messages today. 

The EXO Digital Billboard Solution provides a controlled, dynamic framework, adjustable by calendar, time and geographic sectors of different magnitude.

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