EXO digital signage.

Improve your customer service processes while advertising and reporting.

Define at your discretion the multimedia contents that are shown with the status information of the row or shifts.

intelligent digital signage for marketing and care

Our Intelligent Customer Service Solutions with EXO digital signage, in addition to improving customer service processes, allow you to define, at your discretion, multimedia content to be displayed together or independently with the information on the status of the line or shifts.

Intelligent digital advertising

You can plan your company's advertising guidelines, and also define the information material thanks to predefined widgets such as: Twitter, weather information, quotes, currencies, local and international news, and much more.

Define your daily, weekly, monthly and/or also random schedule without limitations.

It is a dynamic system, immediately available and manageable in a central or distributed way, through a control, monitoring and configuration panel.

It has never been so simple to carry out branding, brand image and loyalty actions.

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