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Mobile Nursing
Mobile Nursing (MEMO)

MEMO(Mobile Nursing Module) facilitates the monitoring of hospitalised patients by allowing the recording of parameters and actions in the medical record in real time, avoiding various errors.

Auto Cleaner EXO
Auto Cleaner

The Auto Cleaner is a germicidal module that has the capacity to disinfect the touch screens of the self-management terminals every time they are vacated, providing biosecurity in the devices of the establishments.

Organizing Trolley for Nursing (COPE)
Organizing Trolley for Nursing (COPE)

Discover EXO's Nursing Organizing Cart (COPE), designed to optimize rounds and deliveries in the medical field. With 35 identifiable containers, 5 sliding shelves, and additional options such as built-in computer and geopositioning.

UVGI EXO PAMPA UV-100 Germicidal Chamber UVGI EXO PAMPA UV-100
UVGI EXO PAMPA UV-100 Germicidal Chamber UVGI EXO PAMPA UV-100

The EXO PAMPA UV-100 UVGI Germicidal Chamber is a high power disinfection device that uses ultraviolet germicidal light (UVGI) to inactivate bacteria, fungi and viruses. With 100W of power, its operation is simple and effective, achieving up to 99% disinfection in just a few minutes.

Germicidal Unit EXO PAMPERO
Germicidal Unit EXO PAMPERO

The EXO PAMPERO Germicidal Unit uses UVGI technology to inactivate bacteria, fungi and viruses in the circulating air, improving the quality of the environment and reducing health risks. Its simple installation and automatic operation make it an essential tool for various environments.



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