Multimedia self-service and process control terminals.

Self-service terminals EXO.

Modular hardware and software adaptable to the needs of each project

EXO advertising signs.

Ideal for maximizing communication and marketing strategies.

EXO mobile nursing modules.

Monitoring and management of clinical history in real time.

Customizable Units

Each product can be aesthetically and functionally customized to suit the requirements of the destination.

Integrated Solutions

We provide the necessary hardware and software under the turnkey mode.

Remote Monitoring

EXO computers have the option to be managed and configured remotely via the network or cloud, Lan, WiFi or 4G.


The units can be integrated with accessories, peripherals and third-party software, further enhancing their quality of service.

National Parks continues to add EXO technology

National Parks adds EXO interactive digital signage terminals in Iguazú National Park, Province of Misiones.

EXO Industrial Terminals for ELEA Laboratories

ELEA Phoenix Laboratories acquires EXO C19 Industrial Terminals for its production plant in Los Polvorines, Greater Buenos Aires.

The PAMI social security system has incorporated EXO self-management terminals.

EXO Soluciones Tecnológicas manufactured and installed T19 Neo self-management terminals in PAMI branches throughout the country.

EXO introduces the new EXO Terminal T55

The T55 is an outdoor and/or street terminal designed for digital signage or information points.

EXO self-service terminals for Coca Cola FEMSA Argentina

Coca-Cola FEMSA Argentina integrated EXO's T19 Neo Terminals at its branch in the Pompeya neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

EXO introduces the T43DC Terminal

The T43DC terminal is a device for marketing and information tasks, on public roads, in tourism, government buildings, etc.

EXO self-management terminals for Randazzo Group

Grupo Randazzo integrated EXO's T19 Neo Terminals in its branches to improve customer reception.

Argentine Navy operations centre refurbished by EXO

The COTM Operations Centre in the Liberty Building was completely renovated including civil works, videoconferencing and video wall.

EXO introduces the new T10 Plus Terminal

EXO Technological Solutions launches a new, compact and modern customer service device, the T10 Plus Terminal.

EXO in Los Alerces National Park

EXO Soluciones Tecnológicas designed a T43 Terminal for Los Alerces National Park in the province of Chubut.