Digital signage and
electronic information center in real time.

T19 Easy

Covering in detail the needs of all types of public.

Interactive experiences for clients

Combining a diversity of designs, modular hardware, and software adaptable to various purposes, our Self-Management Kiosks and SAI software, are the ideal complement to order the attention of people, optimize times of your staff, and thus improve the quality of service of your company.

Outstanding features

Easy customization

The EXO terminals are easy to customize aesthetically and functionally, to adapt to any environment.

Integral Solution

We offer self-management terminals, plus additional hardware and software, under the turnkey mode.

Remote monitoring

Access remote Terminal management and configuration from anywhere with Network, WiFi or 4G connectivity.

Peripheral integration

The Terminals are adapted to third party accessories and software, enhancing their scope in quality of service.


We invite you to know how our Self-Management Kiosks automate and improve the daily processes carried out in different companies, industries and public entities, improving the flow of attention and information for the general public.

Retailers | Retail Chains

Organize customer care and manage your smart signage.

Logistics Companies | Transport Terminals

Integrate Digital Notification and Ad Terminals.

Hospitals| Health Centers

Improve the patient experience, streamlining the care service.

Government | Public Administration

Optimize citizen care and information systems.

Banks | Financial Institutions

Enhance the quality of service to customers and prospects.

Companies | Factories | Human Resources Dept.

Digitally manage employees, visitors, sectors and meeting rooms.

Shoppings| Shopping trips

Provide quality assistance to customers and visitors.

Hotels | Restaurants | Convention Center

Provide quality information services in multiple languages.