Dashboard Monitoring and Reporting Central EXO.

Measure and control online, in a centralized way, the attention services of all your branches.

Make sound decisions based on real data.

Total integration

Our EXO Intelligent Service Solutions have the EXO Dashboard Monitoring and Central Reporting, a system that allows you to centralize the monitoring and reporting of all your branches.

This console integrates with the Smart Rows, Web Shift Agenda, Digital Signage, Satisfaction Surveys and EXO Self-Service Multimedia Kiosks solutions.

Centralized control

The EXO Central Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard receives the status of each component and service. In this way it is possible to monitor the operation, configure alerts of the offered services and notify via email.

This will allow you to take immediate action on any component, or to reinforce the attention in the branch that requires it at the time of greater demand.

This solution provides a variety of tools that will allow you to maximize your resources.

Centrally measure and control online the use of each service in each branch.

To know the number of people waiting, those who are being attended and those who attended with or without a previous appointment, among other data.

Segment and filter all care services by state, by process and by branch.

Export by date range the different reports to analyze the evolution of the service of attention and the results of the satisfaction surveys.

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