Self-service multimedia kiosks EXO.

Get self-supporting services, information and processes for your customers and staff.

Also known as multimedia stations or self-management terminals, they allow you to offer self-supporting services, information and processes for all types of audiences.

self-service multimedia kiosk for human resources areas
Achieve a better consumer experience and savings in human resources.

Each terminal is developed with anti-vandal hardware. They can have touch panels with gesture control and keyboards designed to withstand the most demanding and severe environments.


Delivery of receipts, withdrawal of documentation, authorizations, service authorizations, loading of orders, reporting of events and actions, modification of data, identification and validation of people, among many other benefits.

Towards an industry 4.0

Thanks to the EXO Self-Management Intelligent Attention Solutions, Insurance, Banks, Health, Retail, Agriculture, Gastronomy, Metallurgy, Education, Entertainment, Human Resources, Tourism, Security, among many others, are able to solve any type of attention that requires a user and can be solved in an unattended, self-managed, significantly improving all processes of care.

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