Shift Calendar Web EXO.

Allow your audience to attend by appointment through a personalized website.

Web solution for online shifts that allows to order the flow of people who attend branches, offices, shops and doctors' offices, among others.


Prevention of contagion

Follow limited seating protocols at your facility.

Organize access with a pre-entry area and display a warning on the screen to inform about the waiting time.

Use the EXO Smart Queue Terminal (SAI Queue) or the EXO Web Shift Scheduler Mobile App to manage internal activities.

Interaction with the public

The system will automatically send via e-mail the confirmation of the shift and any other documentation that may be necessary, as in the case of a driving licence (Covid-19).

The applicant can modify and/or cancel the shift through the same website.

The same website will allow you to manage the arrival of people and also eventually attend and/or give an appointment to those who attend without an appointment.

Multiple agendas, procedures and branches

Using the Dashboard of the Web EXO Shift Calendar Solution, one or more branch agendas are displayed, organized in calendars. Easily visualize the days, schedules, service quotas and lists of people who will attend. From this tool you can easily configure the procedures and agendas of one or more branches.

This cloud solution can be integrated into the system UPS Smart Rows EXO and/or with other current systems in your company, allowing you to identify service accounts and use mobile application functions to provide shifts.


Shift Web Site

  • It allows your audience to request an appointment or modify an existing one.
  • Exclusive website with your logo.

Centralized Dashboard

  • Management of agendas, quotas and schedules of each branch.
  • Management of the shifts, granting, validating, canceling, modifying shifts and notifying via e-mail the persons mentioned.
  • Management of the present in the branch itself.
  • Management of system users.
  • It allows you to incorporate a logo to identify with your brand.
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