Terminal EXO T10
T10 Style Terminal
T10 Style Terminal
Terminal EXO T10 T10 Style Terminal T10 Style Terminal

T10 Style Terminal

The EXO T10 Style is an interactive terminal certified forelectrical safety and Red Link approved, it stands out for its robust design, elegant lines and exceptional ergonomics.

With a 10.1″ screen, this terminal offers versatility and customization, allowing users to apply graphics and logos according to their preferences.

Steel plate structure that provides stability and 3-point floor fastening.

Color option at customer's request with free areas for the application of graphics and logos.

Manufactured under ISO 9001-14001 quality standards with IP 54 degree of protection.

Lockable back covers for easy intervention and connection.

Structure treated with phosphatized and electrostatic baked-on paint for greater durability.

Ideal for conducting customer satisfaction surveys and displaying product catalogs.

Use cases

T10 Style Terminal

Implementation of self-management terminals in BinBaires Olavarría's gaming rooms.

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