EXO introduces the EXO T55 Lite Digital Signage Terminal

Dec 30, 2022

Launch of EXO T55 Lite Terminal: the digital signage and interactive information point solution

EXO SA has announced the launch of the Terminal T55 Lite, a device designed to provide digital signage solutions and interactive information point both indoors and outdoors. This innovative product seeks to highlight the way information is presented in public and crowded areas.

The EXO T55 Lite is highly versatile and boasts exceptional features that make it ideal for use in a variety of environments. For outdoor applications, it can be equipped with a super-bright display, perfectly readable even in bright sunlight. In addition, it features a vandal-resistant front with armored glass and a high-strength industrial PC, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh environmental conditions.

For indoor spaces, the T55 Lite offers a super bright display or standard 55-inch monitors, along with mini computers that adapt to controlled environments and less demanding requirements. This provides a flexible solution when meeting the specific needs of each environment.

One of the outstanding features of the T55 Lite is its Hydro-Touch functionality, a unique technology on the market that allows the terminal to operate even when the screen is wet or in the rain. This provides an uninterrupted user experience, regardless of weather conditions.

It can also be configured to have 2 (two) screens. This generates a double benefit, making possible a double simultaneous projection or advertising content on one side and informative/interactive content on the other.

The EXO T55 Lite represents a significant breakthrough in the digital signage and interactive information industry. Its rugged design and versatility allow it to be deployed in a wide range of environments, providing an outstanding advertising experience. This launch demonstrates EXO Technology Solutions ' commitment to innovation and the delivery of quality solutions to meet the changing needs of the market.

About EXO

Founded in 1978, EXO® is today one of the national technology companies with the longest trajectory in the field of computer equipment, technological infrastructure and professional computer training services.

Today, EXO® has evolved and provides technology solutions in biosecurity, IOT, medicine, solar energy, 3D printing, education, self-management terminals and digital signage to meet the needs of different industries and markets.

EXO® was the first Argentinean IT company to certify -in 1999- its quality system with ISO-9001:1994 standards. Its certification covered all its activities and was the result of the company's commitment to quality. EXO® renews and confirms its certification every year. Subsequently, it incorporated ISO-14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards into its management system. These two standards added environmental aspects and occupational health and safety.

This achievement makes it the first Argentine technology company to have all three management systems certified (Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety).

In addition, EXO®, in 2021, adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, committing to comply with the ten principles on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, and reporting annually on its progress in these matters.

In this way, EXO® provides integral solutions to the technological needs of its customers and society, taking care of people and the planet.

For more information, visit www.exo.com.ar

T55 Lite terminal for interactive digital signage
T55 Lite terminal for interactive digital signage
T55 Lite terminal for interactive digital signage