The PAMI social security system has incorporated EXO self-management terminals.

May 31, 2022customers

The PAMI social security system has incorporated EXO self-management terminals.


EXO Soluciones Tecnológicas manufactured self-management terminals for the social work of retirees and pensioners of our country, within the framework of the public tender that was launched this year by the national entity.

The integration of these devices will be a complement that will make it possible to exponentially improve the service provided to members who carry out face-to-face procedures.

The terminal model installed is the T19 Neo, the company's most marketed equipment, which has a 19" vandal-proof touch panel, Mini PC, thermal printer and barcode reader.


The installation process in the different branches is in charge of the company EXO and has several stages. In this first instance the technicians visited the branches that are located in the AMBA, they will continue through the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, ending in the other provinces of the Argentine Territory.


About PAMI

Programa de Atención Médica Integral (PAMI) is a social security scheme for retirees and pensioners, people over 70 years of age without a pension and Malvinas veterans, which operates in Argentina under the control of the government.


In 1970 PAMI began to launch a massive membership campaign and to project its national structure. In 1976 it began to have an agency or branch in each province for retirees to go to.


PAMI is the largest social security institution in Argentina. It is the largest payer of benefits to the public hospital, as almost 70% of payments are for services to its affiliates.


About EXO

Founded in 1978, EXO® is today one of the national technology companies with the longest trajectory in the field of computer equipment, technological infrastructure and professional computer training services.

Today EXO® has evolved and provides technological solutions for biosecurity, IOT, medicine, solar energy, 3D printing, education, self-management terminals and digital signage to meet the needs of different industries and markets.

EXO® is the first Argentinean IT company to certify -in 1999- its quality system with ISO-9001:1994 standards. Its certification covered all its activities and was the result of the company's commitment to quality. EXO® renews and confirms its certification every year. It subsequently incorporated ISO-14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards into its management system. These two standards added environmental aspects and occupational health and safety. This achievement makes it the first Argentine company in Technology to have all three management systems certified (Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety).

In addition, EXO® -in the year 2021- adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, committing to comply with the ten principles on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, and reporting annually on its progress in these matters.

In this way, EXO® provides integral solutions to the technological needs of its customers and society, taking care of people and the planet.

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