EXO introduces the new T10 Plus Terminal

Oct 27, 2021Products

EXO T10 Plus terminal


EXO launches a new technological solution for customer service. In this new announcement, the T10 Plus Terminal is featured.

The T10 Plus is a compact and modern device, which offers a new alternative for issuing shifts in confined spaces or in small shops, where installing a floor-standing terminal is complex and/or impossible.

Designed to work with EXO's intelligent customer service system (EASY SAI) but adaptable to any other customer service system.

This terminal is the strategic choice for installation on a desk, table or window with support, although it also has a bracket to be mounted on a wall or column.

It has a 10″ Tablet with WIFI connection and integrated Windows, this to make the entry and an industrial thermal printer with 80 x 80 mm rolls to issue the ticket with the assigned shift.