Argentine Navy operations centre refurbished by EXO

Oct 29, 2021

EXO successfully completed the integral building and technological renovation project for the Argentine Navy.

The Navy of the Argentine Republic was looking for the renovation of the Operations Center of the Naval Command of Maritime Transit (COTM). In this context, it carried out a public bidding process in which EXO SA was awarded, assuming the challenge proposed by the Navy in the Libertad Building, located in Retiro, City of Buenos Aires.

EXO was in charge of the execution of the civil works, which included the demolition of the existing offices in that space and the construction of new areas for offices, control posts, servers, cabins and meeting areas.

The comprehensive modernization covered everything from the hardware to the audiovisual experience. It included upgrading the computer hardware and communications electronics (computers for each booth, routers, servers and security cameras), the videoconferencing system (videoconferencing software and equipment, 4K cameras with participant tracking and wireless microphones), as well as the sound and digital representation system (audio system for live sound with professional wireless microphones, video wall with 9 55" screens, 55" screens and projectors for live monitoring, 75" interactive screens for card table and monitoring, and video matrices to connect all the control posts with each screen available in the central office).

The Naval Command of Maritime Transit (COTM) is responsible for collecting and processing information on all maritime transit, sharing it with other military and governmental, national and international agencies.

EXO demonstrated commitment and professionalism in the modernization of the Operations Center of the Argentine Navy. Within this command, the Operations Center is responsible for the compilation and collection of information for the monitoring and surveillance of maritime and fluvial spaces of jurisdiction and interest of the Argentine Republic.

In each stage of this project, EXO carried out every detail with total commitment and professionalism, achieving the complete satisfaction of the authorities of the Navy of our country.

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