Milisenda Port Services integrates EXO technology

Oct 8, 2020customers

EXO HR Terminals in Milisenda Port Services


Milisenda Servicios Portuarios S. A. acquired self-management terminals from EXO Soluciones Tecnológicas. This time it is the new EXO RRHH Terminal.

Thisself-service terminal can be used to perform a variety of administrative functions and is also suitable for industrial environments where knocks and/or rough handling are inevitable.


The characteristics of its components make this equipment optimal for spaces where it could also be affected by liquids, oils, fluids, grease, etc.


These new terminals obtained by Milisenda, would facilitate the contact and the operations of Human Resources with the employees who work in the docks of the ports managed by the company in the province of Santa Fe.


About Milisenda Servicios Portuarios


Milisenda Servicios Portuarios S. A. is a company with more than 30 years of experience providing port services, located in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe.

Characterized by the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, constant innovation in the quality of its services and the integration of port services "all in one". This refers to the provision of loading shovels for boarding, deposits and steel, stowage and unstowage of ships, stowage and unstowage of barges, maritime agency, ship brokers, chartering and mooring boat services, passengers and provisions.

It currently provides services in the ports: T6, Cargill VGG and TFA, COFCO plant Puerto San Martín, Dreyfus General Lagos and ADM Puerto San Martín and General Lagos.

EXO T19 Plus Multi-Purpose Multimedia Terminal
EXO T19 Plus Multi-Purpose Multimedia Terminal