EXO self-service terminals for Coca Cola FEMSA Argentina

Apr 10, 2022customers

EXO Terminals at Coca-Cola FEMSA



Since April, EXO Soluciones Tecnológicas terminals have become part of Coca-Cola FEMSA Argentina.

The multinational giant, dedicated to the production of beverages and soft drinks, has integrated T19 Neo Terminals in its branch located in the Pompeya neighbourhood in the city of Buenos Aires.

 On this occasion, the EXO terminals are installed in the branch's forecourt to work in conjunction with the delivery trucks. They are used to manage deliveries.


Upon arrival at the branch, each driver uses the terminal to log into the system, developed by the customer, where they obtain their transport orders, routing and all the necessary information for their working day.


The commercial areas of EXO and Coca-Cola FEMSA are still in contact and in continuous negotiation to implement new terminals in other sectors of the branch.


About Coca-Cola FEMSA Argentina

Coca Cola FEMSA is Latin America's leading beverage company. It is the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in terms of sales, accounting for 1 in 10 Coca-Cola products sold in the world.

The company has operations in Latin America, with a presence in 10 countries, Mexico being its largest and most profitable market.

In Argentina they have been present since 1942, where with their bottling partners - Reginald Lee, Arca Continental and Coca-Cola Andina - they consolidate an extensive and diverse value chain that employs more than 172,000 people directly and indirectly and includes, among others, agricultural producers, drivers, operators, stockists and grocers.

A broad portfolio of beverages in the 11 plants located throughout the country, which supply the 92 distribution centres. From there, more than 1,200 vehicles leave every day to reach every corner of the country.

EXO T19 Neo multi-purpose multimedia terminal