EXO introduces the new EXO Terminal T55

Apr 18, 2022Products

Terminal EXO T55


Digital advertising has changed the way brands connect with their audiences and consumers in general. Not so many years ago, the only way to advertise was with leaflets, cards or, for those with more capital, radio and TV ads.

Nowadays, there are more tools, among the most used, the internet, but also one of the most impacting, together with digital signage on public roads. On this occasion we refer to the new T55 Terminal, a device that applies these concepts of traditional digital signage and adapts to the new market demands.


The T55 is a terminal suitable for outdoor and/or street installation. It is designed for digital signage solutions but also for interactive information points.


It has a super-bright sunlight readable display, a vandal-resistant front equipped with armoured glass and a heavy-duty industrial PC; excellent performance in demanding environmental conditions.


The T55 can also be equipped with outdoor touchscreen functionality. This technology is unique in the market and allows the terminal to be operated in the wet or in the rain without any inconvenience.

Among other features, it also has optional electronic locking and remote door opening.