EXO Video Wall System (3×3)

The EXO Video Wall System (3×3) is a powerful digital signage tool that allows you to present products, provide information and transmit content in high quality generating admiration and captivating the interest of the public.

A set of devices that make this a complete, flexible and high performance technological solution.

It consists of 9 LG 55″ screens, an HDMI video matrix that allows 10 HDMI signals to be projected on up to 10 outputs and a sturdy support structure, easy to install and adaptable to different spaces.

Its powerful management software allows simultaneous 1*4, 2*2, 3*3, 9*9, etc. configurations. All this can be done remotely via RS232 communication between the computer and the HDMI matrix.

9 Professional 55″ screens.

Narrow bezel of 3.5 mm.

High quality resolution.

Video matrix: 9 inputs / 9 outputs.

Support structure included.

500 nits brightness and 10-bit color depth.

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