EXO Mobile Charging Cabinet C40

The EXO Mobile Charging Cabinet allows each room or physical location to be transformed into a fully digital classroom by containing, supporting and transporting all the components of the solution inside, while simultaneously recharging the batteries of all portable equipment .

Inside, it holds and transports 40 notebooks, netbooks or tablets with their corresponding chargers.

Additionally it can be configured to contain other devices, such as projector, whiteboard, router, etc.

Screen x2

Ergonomically designed, compact and functional cabinet.


Easily configurable, it allows to adapt spaces to different devices (Netbook, Projector, Printer, etc.).

Safe design prioritising electrical connection, transfer and handling.

Patented electronic circuit for simultaneous ignition and charging of all device batteries.


Top cover with anti-slip surface and cable grommet for attaching other devices.

3-point locking system with padlock holder (combination padlock optional).

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