EXO Citizen Self-Management Station

The EXO Citizen Self-Management Station is a terminal developed to be installed in outdoor spaces and/or public roads. A multitasking equipment designed for digital signage and information points or civil management.

The design and manufacture of the equipment guarantees watertightness, compatible with IP67 grade, it also has armoured glass, electronic locks and remote opening for greater security.

It consists of two screens, a 55-inch super-bright sunlight readable screen ideal for digital signage, and a 32-inch screen with outdoor touchscreen functionality, a unique technology that allows the terminal to be operated when wet or in the rain.

It also has speakers, high resolution camera and panoramic camera, microphone, emergency/panic button, high performance industrial Mini PC and white LED lighting for the self-management environment and RGBW for the sides of the equipment.

Screen x2

Two screens for multitasking functionality.


Microphone, emergency button, loudspeaker, etc.

Full HD webcam and panoramic camera with night vision.

Vandal-proof front and armoured glass.


Weatherproof touchscreen.

EXO Fanless industrial PC suitable for demanding environmental conditions.

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