EXO Touch Interactive System
EXO Touch Interactive System
EXO Touch Interactive System EXO Touch Interactive System

EXO Touch Interactive System

The EXO Touch Interactive System is the ultimate solution for conference rooms and collaborative spaces. This innovative system is designed to provide an experience of interaction and active participation, encouraging the exchange of ideas and maximizing the effectiveness of your meetings.

You will be able to create impactful and captivating presentations, interact with your customers more effectively and increase employee engagement.

It features advanced audio technology. Built-in speakers pick up the voice up to a distance of 8 meters, ensuring that all participants clearly hear every word.

It includes camera, microphone and speaker for video conferencing, multi-touch screen, interactive and collaboration tools, and support for organizing, moving and interconnecting all components easily.

Transforms a conference room into a fully collaborative space

Simple, complete and affordable solution that creates an interactive environment.

Powerful multimedia system with a large 4K display with 20-point touch technology.

Meetings and gatherings do not lose dynamism, and interactive content is generated.

Notes on videos, images, and any other type of files (brainstorming, trainings, and original commercial presentations).

camera, microphone, speaker, computer, display and plug and play support.

Use cases

EXO Multi-Stand Mobile TV6585

Installation of the EXO Multi-Stand Mobile TV6585 at the Ministry of Jujuy. This innovative product, provided by our company, offers a versatile solution for meeting rooms and teleconferences.

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