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EXO T43 DC terminal

This terminal is made up of two 43-inch touch screens, a curved structure and side graphics. Robust design and a morphology that makes it stand out from the classic concept terminals on the market, making this a device that imposes its presence from a distance.

The T43 DC terminal is functionally customisable, as it accepts a wide variety of devices such as sensors, solar panels, webcams, readers, etc.; and it is also aesthetically customisable as ithas ample space on its sides, making it possible to apply large institutional, commercial or thematic graphics.

The chassis is made of laminated sheet steel with phosphorous treatment and baked-on electrostatic paint. Optionally, the design includes facilities for outdoor installation on public roads.

It is applicable as a Meeting Point Terminal, Citizen Service Station, Digital and/or Institutional Signage, WiFi Point or Public Access Point.


Broad device compatibility.


Design suitable for public roads and / or outdoors (Optional)

Screen x2

Two 43-inch touch screens.

institutional graphic

Institutional chart.

Wide range of colours available.

Supports 4K resolutions
(depending on device)

Use cases
Interactive display terminal with images of the flora and fauna of Los Alerces Park.

Terminal T43 DC in Los Alerces National Park

Los Alerces National Park is a large protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the province of Chubut, Argentina.

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