Multimedia self-service and process control terminals.

EXO self-service terminals

Modular hardware and software adaptable to the needs of each project

EXO advertising signage

Ideal for maximizing communication and marketing strategies.

EXO mobile nursing modules

Monitoring and management of clinical history in real time.

Customizable Units

Each product can be aesthetically and functionally customized to suit the requirements of the destination.

Integrated Solutions

We provide the necessary hardware and software under the turnkey mode.

Remote Monitoring

EXO computers have the option to be managed and configured remotely via the network or cloud, Lan, WiFi or 4G.


The units can be integrated with accessories, peripherals and third-party software, further enhancing their quality of service.

EXO participates in digital access to rural schools with the Government of Jujuy

Discover how EXO and the Government of Jujuy are bringing technology to hard-to-reach rural schools. Thanks to the provincial helicopter, seven remote locations now have Mobile Digital Classrooms and desktop PCs, promising to revolutionize access to education in these areas. Learn more about this innovative project here!

EXO with the EDUTEC program of the Municipality of Godoy Cruz

Godoy Cruz's EDUTEC program, based on Uruguay's Ceibal Plan, seeks to improve learning and school attendance through teacher training, technological equipment and pedagogical support, including EXO netbooks. The objective is to implement it in all public schools in the municipality.

Ministry of Jujuy expands its Technological Infrastructure with EXO Solutions

The Ministry of Jujuy has modernized by purchasing new technologies from EXO, such as a system for videoconferencing and Kodak 3D printers for higher education institutes. These purchases show that the Ministry is committed to continuing to improve in different areas.

EXO Mobile Energy Unit (MEU) Launch: EXO Transforms Mobile Energy

EXO's EMU redefines energy autonomy with rapid deployment and versatility. This solar panel trailer offers a sustainable solution for diverse applications, ensuring electrical autonomy with solar energy capture and the option of a silent genset.

Launch of EXO T10 Style Terminal: Digital Signage and Interaction Innovation

Discover innovation in Digital Signage with the launch of the EXO T10 Style Terminal. From satisfaction surveys to product displays, this elegant and customizable solution offers a unique interaction experience. Discover the evolution in digital signage now!

Webinar on the T19 Plus Terminal for Human Resources

Introduction to the benefits of the self-management terminal to enhance the processes of the human resources area in any company.

EXO S.A. Implements Self-management and Security Terminals in San Luis

The province of San Luis installed more than 10 Security and Citizen Self-Management Terminals developed by the company EXO S.A.

National Parks continues to add EXO technology

National Parks adds EXO interactive digital signage terminals in Iguazú National Park, Province of Misiones.

EXO Industrial Terminals for ELEA Laboratories

ELEA Phoenix Laboratories acquires EXO C19 Industrial Terminals for its production plant in Los Polvorines, Greater Buenos Aires.

EXO introduces the EXO T55 Lite Digital Signage Terminal

The T55 Lite is a terminal suitable for indoor and/or street use, designed for digital signage or information points.

Multimedia terminal for the management of the human resources department.

EXO self-management terminals

Streamlines the processes of HR departments and public information and customer service areas.